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Studying at ITS is rewarding in its own right, but is only one part of a longer journey.  Many students come to ITS in order to be able to get a good job afterwards, and thus embark on a career in transport.

A Masters degree in Transport opens up a range of career options - 97% of our Masters graduates are employed or in further training (e.g PhD) within 6 months of completing their course (data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) - Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) 2016 data

ITS has close working relationships with a number of organisations and many employers visit ITS each year to interview our students for graduate schemes and other vacancies. Our students are in particular demand and have a good reputation with transport consultants, and may receive an offer of a consultancy job during their course, before or shortly after graduation. ITS also regularly circulates specific job vacancies to students. The organisations that have advertised and/or recruited directly from ITS include:


A degree from ITS opens up a range of opportunities to develop a challenging and rewarding career. Transport consultancies are the largest employers of ITS graduates, but other common careers include those in government, academia, operators, logistics companies, not-for-profit and international agencies. 

ITS graduates work across the private and public sectors. Many work abroad; for UK companies with overseas offices, for international organisations or for national governments.


For many ITS students the natural progression is to a job in consultancy. There is a long tradition of consultancies recruiting directly from ITS, ranging from small outfits to large multinationals with offices around the globe. The large consulting firms score highly on their brand name and graduate training programme, whereas smaller firms can often offer a niche environment.  

Overseas Government

Many international students are sponsored by their government to come to study at ITS. Of these, some are already working in the transport sector (typically as a Planner, Highways Engineer or other role in their respective Ministry of Transport) whereas others may be just starting out on their career. On graduation, some students stay in the UK, others return to their home country, and some take up jobs in other countries – but all apply their new vocational skills and knowledge.

Read about Laurence Venables, a 2015 ITS graduate, and his experience so far working for JMP

Watch Emma Anforth, a 2006 Transport Planning graduate from ITS, talk about her job at JMP, which involves environmental planning and research in order to find the best ways to improve and introduce new transport links for traffic and pedestrians. This video is the third in a series of four videos that were made by Leeds City Council, Leeds City Region and The Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport.

Click on the names to see more information about our graduates’ destinations and what advice they would give to current and prospective students.  Visit the ITS Alumni pages to find many more profiles of ITS graduates from all over the world.

Syed Abdul Rahman


2014 Graduate

Deputy Chief Operations Manager with Indian Railways

Catherine Wallace

2014 Graduate


Executive Director, Major Transport Projects at the Department of Transport (Western Australia)

Carrie Fu

2013 Graduate

Hong Kong

Graduate Transport Planner with Atkins

Hannah Riechert

2013 Graduate

United Kingdom

Transport Planner at JMP Consultants

Abimbola Olaleye

2013 Graduate


Quantity Surveyor at Crane Homes

Emeka Chukwumah

2013 Graduate


Transportation Engineer/Planner at FAO Consulting International (Nigeria) Ltd

Özcan Aslan

2012 Graduate


Mechanical Engineer at Turkish State Railways

Lea Ruzic

2012 Graduate


Transport Planning Consultant at AECOM

As a student at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, you will be provided with a wide range of support which is geared towards helping you secure employment after graduation.  Each year there are a number of events provided both by ITS and the University’s Careers Centre in order to help you find the right employment for after you graduate. 

The Careers Centre run a number of careers fairs throughout the year, at which employers will be available to meet and discuss possible job opportunities with. These are designed to help you gain an understanding of some of the graduate recruiters out there, and find out what they do and who they are looking to recruit.  They also deliver workshops to boost your employability, including everything from improving your CV to getting through assessment centres, as well as employer presentations to help you get an insight into a particular career or network with specific graduate employers.

In addition to this, we have a dedicated Careers Consultant from the Careers Centre who works with ITS students, delivering bespoke presentations and one-to-one consultations with students on their career plans.  We also put on ITS-specific events with the ITS employability officers – in the past, this has involved recent or part-time ITS students discussing their own work experiences within the transport sector. 

ITS Employer Visits

Some of the most successful events that we run at ITS each year are our ‘Employer Visits’.  At these events, companies from the transport sector visit the university in order to give presentations, and interview our students for graduate positions and schemes that they have available.  Following this, many students are then invited to second interviews at the company premises, and often students gain employment as a direct result of the Employer Visits.  Even those students who are not offered a job at this stage have positive experiences, as it is viewed as a unique chance to gain invaluable experience with recruitment processes and interviews with transport employers before graduating.

Companies who have attended the employer visits in the last two years include:









CH2M Hill

BWB Consulting


CH2M Hill



Leigh Fisher


Mott Macdonald


Movement Strategies

Leigh Fisher


MDS Transmodal


Movement Strategies


Here’s what some of our past students have to say about the ITS Employer Visits:

“Overall I can't commend the process enough; engaging directly with employers who were genuinely interested in our cohort gave me the confidence to perform to the best of my ability in interviews allowing me to secure the position I wanted.  I know the rest of my course mates felt similarly about the process; we were all surprised by the interest shown in us by employers and felt very lucky that we were part of an institute able to help place us in such a promising position for the future.” Anna Goldie, 2014 graduate

“Through my role as the students’ representative last year, and personally as well, I clearly realised that the Employer Visits at ITS are not only very useful but also very rare among the UK universities. The preparation for and the involvement in those interviews were extremely useful for everyone, to build or improve their skills in 'promoting' themselves professionally in a real-world context. It is important to say, that I got positive feedback from students that were either offered a job or not.” Konstantinos Kostovasilis, 2013 graduate and School Representative

“For me the Employers Visits were extremely helpful since I found my job through one of those pre-interviews. It was also very useful in terms of gaining interview experience and getting to know various transport consultancies… In the company that I am working they think very highly of ITS students, we have quite a reputation!” Despoina Benetou, 2013 graduate

“It was a really easy and meaningful way to make contact with employers and gain insight into the different companies - so much better than just applying for them all separately online through the online application systems. It certainly helped me to get my job.” Anne Clarke, 2013 graduate

“I perceived the employers visits as very helpful. I applied to 5 jobs and got invited for interviews of all of them. In the end I got the job that I wanted. So now I am happily working for JMP.” Hannah Riechert, 2013 graduate

“I think that the ITS Employers Visits are a great chance to get a job in the UK and I strongly recommend that you continue these events” Marina Triampela, 2014 graduate

ITS Employability Officers


Dr Chandra Balijepalli


Support staff:

Tessa Grant


The University of Leeds Careers Centre

Our on-campus Careers Centre is one of the largest in the country. It offers an excellent range of services and has a great relationship with graduate recruiters. The Careers Centre is the place to get advice about what to do after university, help with finding work experience, improving your CV and dealing with job applications. The Careers Centre also holds training events and workshops to assist you with your career progression.

Leeds for Life is a unique approach to helping you make the most of the University and prepare for your career from day one. Leeds for Life will help you enhance your employability by highlighting the wide range of co-curricular opportunities on offer from the University and the Students’ Union. You can join societies, get involved in volunteering and undertake projects in the UK or overseas, or you can attend academic conferences that will help you develop your knowledge and skills. You can also access valuable career insights from our diverse graduate community via our online career networking tool, the Leeds Network

Industry and academia – working together to teach tomorrow’s transport leaders. 

We have re-designed our Transport Masters degrees following close consultation with industry and academia. 

Our aim is to give each new generation of graduates a real understanding of the world of transport today, and in the future. Graduates will combine cutting edge theory with hands-on practice and enter the work force armed with the following skills…  

  • A strong focus on industry needs.
  • A deep understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of transport.
  • A holistic overview of transport problems and approaches to policy formulation.
  • Real hands-on experience of what’s like to work in the transport sector with a newly launched industry-inspired integrated project.  

If you are looking to recruit well-qualified graduates please contact Jodie Morrison for more information. 

You can attend our annual employer visits, delivering a presentation to students, interviewing them, or simply sending in a job vacancy advertisement for circulation to current students and/or alumni. 

Interested in developing your current employees? All our Masters degrees are delivered part-time. 

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