Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Jonny Rotheram

Country: USA

Name: Jonny Rotheram

Company: Steer Davies Gleave

Position: Transport Consultant

ITS Course: MSc Transport Planning and the Environment 2008

I am currently working for a transport consultancy as a transport planner/consultant in Steer Davies Gleave’s Denver (USA) office. I support the sustainable transport, currently involving transport demand management initiatives in Colorado and California. My work also includes producing marketing materials, attending and speaking at conferences. I also lead some proposal development and client facing initiatives. I’ve been developing our cycling services; this has included new auditing and mapping to support infrastructure and network development.

My experience at ITS has provided me with a sound knowledge base, enabling me to articulate key concepts and arguments to both clients and the public. It is incredibly important to know the arguments, convincing decision makers and public stakeholders that your scheme or policy is the best way forward is the keystone to changing transport and travel, not only in the UK but throughout the world. This underpins all I do in the transport industry.

I entered my job at Steer Davies Gleave with an idea that cycling would become an increasingly important mode of transport. With the knowledge and experience from ITS, I developed new ways to audit and develop cycle strategies and have worked in locations across the globe as well as the UK. If you can show the work you do in transport actually gets implemented and makes a difference, this not only provides you with personal achievement but also highlights your credentials as a transport planner.

I chose my ITS course and Leeds University because the reputation of ITS at the time was one for a global leader in transport studies, holding a degree from ITS provides instant credibility from the industry. They also provided a good range of Masters Courses, so I could choose a course that best fit with what I wanted to do. Leeds University performs well in the University league tables, and is an internationally recognised institution.

My advice to students interested in taking a course at ITS is that Leeds is a fantastic city, and a course in transport planning will provide you with a qualification that will serve you throughout your career.  The only advice I could give would be to do it.