Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)


Lea Ruzic

Country: Sweden  

Name: Anna Clark

Company: Trivector Traffic

Position: Transport Consultant

ITS Course: PhD Transport Science, 2009

I currently work as a transport consultant at Trivector Traffic in Lund, Sweden. I’m responsible for a range of different assignments in the field of transport, primarily on issues in urban mobility. I work on research projects (Swedish and European); discussing project ideas, writing grant applications, working on and project-managing different projects. I’ve recently worked on projects to do with safety aspects of pedelecs (pedal-assisted electric bikes), energy saving potential from the use of urban freight terminals, and the public health benefits (primarily in terms of physical activity) of doubling of public transport. It’s quite varied! Before I moved to Sweden, I worked in Brussels. There I worked on European projects in transport, and European policy issues related to urban mobility.

I work on a lot of research projects, so a proper grounding in transport research is extremely valuable. I would also say that contacts from ITS have been useful at various times.

I chose my ITS course and Leeds University because it was an interesting topic, and what seemed (and proved to be) a very good supervisor.

My advice to new students is that doing a PhD is a lot of hard work, whether at ITS or elsewhere. It’s important to find somewhere with a good environment for PhD students, and I would say that ITS definitely offered that.