Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Kyoung Soo Kim

Country: South Korea

Name: Il-Young Chung

Company: Korea Transportation Safety Authority

Position: President

ITS Course: PhD, Transport Economics 1997

I am currently heading the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS). TS has been at the forefront of the national efforts to bring better safety to roads, aviation and railways. Our major responsibilities for better traffic safety include safety management, vehicle inspection, development of safety technologies, and research into green transportation, such as reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and eco-drive.

The deep insight into various transport issues I had gained during my academic years became a key asset to my career. Thanks to a network of connections with ITS professors, Leeds University and my agency concluded an Memorandum Of Understanding to pursue joint academic and research activities. I expect the recent achievement to open up great opportunities for my employees and for my agency as a whole to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise ITS provides. 

As I had a strong desire to acquire vast knowledge in the field of transport, I sought advice about possible options in my academic path.  A graduate of Leeds University strongly recommended ITS, sparking my interest in the PhD course. All pieces of information I collected to study the course suggested that ITS would be the right place for me to lay the cornerstone of my future career.

If I could give one piece of advice to potential students interested in transport, I am confident to say that ITS is the right choice. ITS course can be demanding, but renowned professors are always ready to share their knowledge and give constructive comments. ITS will provide you with qualifications and professional contacts that will be a strong foundation for your future career. I strongly recommend you to enjoy all the best opportunities ITS offers.