Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Kyoung Soo Kim

Country: Japan

Name: Fumio Kurosaki

Company: Institute of Transportation Economics

Position: Director in Research Centre

ITS Course: PhD, 2008

Currently I am a Director in Research Centre at the Institute of Transportation Economics, Tokyo. Our purpose is to contribute to the advancement of academic research on transportation and the progress and development of traffic businesses, by means of academic and empirical research and study, thereby contributing to the development of a sound transportation society. We conduct various contracts and independent researches into, and surveys of, transportation economics and management at the request of many fields and industries.  In addition to the publication of “Transportation and Economics” a monthly journal specializing in transportation, we provide services including the conservation/management and research and reference services on literature and materials relating to transportation economics and management, which have been collected over many years by our library. We provide support to the management and research activities of The Japan Society of Transportation Economics, the secretariat of which was established within the Institute. The Institute for Transportation Economics (ITE) is especially good at railway issues not only in Japan but also overseas. I am also engaged in some research projects.

My experience at ITS is actually the backbone of my work in ITE. I very much enjoyed my time at ITS and the current work I do is also very interesting for me.

I chose my ITS course and Leeds University because ITS at Leeds is the top university in the UK in the field of transport. In addition, I worked for the International Union of Railways (UIC) in Paris when I started the research in my PhD course.

I would recommend the experiences in a PhD course at ITS to any new students as they were so interesting and stimulating, especially if you have a topic and you want to promote the research.