Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Siti Malkhamah

Country: Indonesia

Name: Siti Malkhamah

Company: University of Gadjah Mada

Position: Vice Director, Engineering Faculty

ITS Course: MSc Transport Planning and Engineering 1990, PhD 1999

I am currently Vice Director of Post Graduate Programmes in the Engineering Faculty at University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) and the main role is co-ordinate all Masters and PhD programmes in the faculty. I also help Ministry of Transport develop human resources within the ministry, including co-operation with international institutions.

My experience at ITS has helped in my career because when doing my Masters course I met many people from many countries and it widened my perspective in many aspects of life. The courses I took gave me knowledge that is useful for teaching and also gave me the basics to develop research. My PhD research gave me the opportunity not only enhance my knowledge but also my ability to do research, and develop networking skills as many people assisted in the research, including  people from Leeds and other universities, people from Leeds City Council, and from industries. During my time studying I also took some short courses at ITS level or at university level. They were useful to improve my knowledge and skills. My English has been improved too, and it helps doing work at an international level.

ā€œI chose to study here because ITS is one of the best in the world for transport studies. The university is excellent (I love the libraries and the park) and Leeds is a very nice city to live in. The surrounding areas are also great, like York, Ilkley, and the Yorkshire Dales. I always want to go back.ā€ I visited Leeds twice after I finished my PhD to do a co-operation (UGM have a cooperation with ITS for the Masters programme,  we have been sending our students there; the cooperation was developed when I was the Director of the Masters in Transport Systems and Engineering UGM  2006-2011).

My advice to prospective students is that they should prepare to work hard and study smart, work with others as a team, do not hesitate to ask for help when it is required (English people seem to be quiet and reserved, but they are nice and helpful).  Do not forget to have fun such as joining the cycling or walking activities, visit museums and music concerts (some are free of charge). There are many things to learn and to enjoy. When you enjoy it, everything becomes easier.