Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Leksmono Suryo Putranto

Country: Indonesia

Name: Leksmono Suryo Putranto

Company: Tarumanagara University Jakarta

Position: Senior lecturer

ITS Course: PhD 2000-2004

I am a senior lecturer in Civil Engineering Department, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. I give lectures in traffic engineering, urban transport management and statistics & probability. As a lecturer I am involved in research and publications. My main research interests are traffic safety, motorcyclist behaviour and public transport. I also work as a consultant for various transport related projects. My main clients are Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Public Work. My latest involvement in large project was in Basic Design of Jakarta MRT as one of the transport planners. I am now working for Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII), an agency funded by AusAID in the scoping of various road safety projects.

My experience at ITS has helped me to build a great network and the education helped me to build a high quality academic environment in my campus.

I chose my ITS course and Leeds University because of the ITS international reputation proved among others by recommendation of many Leeds graduates from Indonesia.

My advice to students interested in this course would be to register with ITS Leeds. If you are from Indonesia then become a part of great Indonesian ITS Leeds Alumni community.