Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Ching Kam Cheong

Country: Hong Kong

Name: Ching Kam Cheong

Company: The Government of Hong Kong

Position: Deputies to the Commissioner for Transport

ITS Course: MSc Transport Planning and Engineering 1985

I am currently one of two Deputies to the Commissioner for Transport, responsible for directing and overseeing the Technical Services Office, Transport Planning Office and Regional Traffic Management Office. I assist the Commissioner in the formulation of transport policies on planning, traffic management, road safety, intelligent transport initiatives and applications. I am also head of about 150 Traffic Engineers.

"The ITS programme provided me with a comprehensive coverage of all the transport elements. It gave me a strong knowledge base for reference in my work. The mix with students in the UK and other country's facilities cross fertilization of experience and culture was also helpful in the formation of transport initiatives to serve the community at large, cutting across cultures and background. The programme strengthened my confidence in rising to the various challenges in my career."

Since 1982 my career in the Transport Department I derived much satisfaction and pride in a few of the following areas:

  • Engaging in a facilitating role in the above railway and major infrastructure projects in different stages.
  • Concerted efforts in the promotion of road safety improvement works over the last decades, annual traffic accident fatalities were reduced from a record high of 474 in 1981 to 117 in 2010
  • Introduction of pedestrianised streets for improvement to the pedestrian environment and reduction in pedestrian accidents
  • Application of intelligent transport systems to integration, collection and dissemination of traffic data for public information, aiming at raising the efficiency of traffic and incident management. A project to set up an integrated traffic and incident management centre is in the pipeline, with an estimated cost of HK$100 million.

"I was introduced to ITS by colleagues who gave me very high commendations of the programme at Leeds University. I found all of the modules useful and interesting, in particular traffic modeling".

I miss the friends I made during my time at ITS. I have lost contact with many of them, but there are still a few that I have kept in touch and we catch up at times. I am sure the Alumni will help a lot in bringing back the fond memories and reuniting the lost ties.

I am due for retirement in 2012 and I am sure my successor will continue the work of the above and initiative new projects to meet the transport challenges of Hong Kong.