Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Xenophon – Spyros Lourantos

Country: Greece

Name: Xenophon – Spyros Lourantos

Company: Vassiliou - Trofinko

Position: General Manager

ITS Course: MSc Transportation Management and Engineering, 1978

I am currently the General Manager of a major industrial manufacturer, distributor/wholesaler operation in Greece, with a turnover of €145 million and employing 165 people.

My ITS experience has helped in my 30 years of business experience in Europe, Africa and Asia. It was always a great advantage as a pre-requisite during interviews and of course the progression of my career during the work itself.

I chose my ITS course and Leeds University because I was looking for the best possible European Transport Studies course in the 1970’s. Despite many other acceptances from other Universities I specifically chose my ITS Transportation Management and Engineering course at the University of Leeds because it was the most robust and complete, it was the most organised and it was the most appreciated by the industry.

My advice to prospective students considering a course at ITS is that if you are accepted, then to do the course in a total immersion, enjoy it and absorb the wealth of knowledge and experience ITS and University of Leeds both have to offer.