Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Country: France  

Name: Marianne Delsaut            

Company: Cerema (Public Administration)

Position: Transport Consultant  

ITS Course: MA Transport Economics, 2012

Since completing the MA in Transport Economics I’ve been working as a transport consultant in the French public sector. I’m working on a wide range of transport projects including investment appraisal, urban planning, BRT network development, public transport funding and coach stations design. This is an exciting job because of the diversity of the missions. I mainly work for and with local authorities. I also worked on a research project about the impact of fuel price on mobility. I also had the chance to present this research at the European Transport Conference, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.

I believe the ITS experience enhanced my technical skills. For instance, the first mission I conducted in my job was to undertake an econometric analysis of mobility. I wouldn’t have been able to lead it without an ITS class! Additionally, an ITS degree boosts my CV and gives me interesting job opportunities.

Before joining ITS, I graduated from the National Graduate School of Civil Engineering with a major in Transport in France. Two main reasons made me choose ITS; I wanted an experience abroad in an English speaking country and I wanted to learn more about transports with focus on economics. ITS made perfect sense for its great reputation in transport economics in Europe.

My advice for students interested in ITS is definitely tell them to go for it! ITS offers renowned transport related skills and offers you great opportunities for your career. With an ITS degree, you will have credits to apply for a wide range of jobs: I’m currently working as a transport planner, economist and engineer, depending on the project.

As an international student, I had fabulous time in Leeds! It was a real pleasure to discover British culture alongside their expertise in transport fields. I was probably the worse student ever in speaking English when the course started. This didn't prevent me from meeting friendly classmates and enhancing my English very fast. Language should not be a major obstacle! Obviously you may not catch every single touch of British humor… but take it easy, I’m pretty sure even Brits themselves didn’t catch them all!