Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Country: China

Name: Kam Cheong Ching (Eric)

Previous Company: the Transport Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government

Previous Position: Deputy Commissioner for Transport

ITS Course: MSc Transport Planning and Engineering, 1985

I retired in 2012 but my last job was as the Deputy Commissioner for Transport in the Transport Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government.

My experience at ITS helped widen my knowledge base and appreciation of a wider perspective in the formulation of transport policy and transport planning, in particular on aspects of sustainability, environmental and behavioural considerations among stakeholders.

I chose my ITS course and the University of Leeds because of introductions by colleagues who had attended similar programmes in Leeds and in other Universities in UK.

My advice to students interested in this course and a career in transport would be to think outside of the box, give more consideration to people who are the users of the transport system.  Plan for sustainability, and make the best use of the fast developing technology in intelligent transport.

When thinking about the highlight of my career, I spent the major part of my working life on transport planning and engineering.  From a front line Traffic Engineer, I worked my way up to the top tier of the management hierarchy in my organisation.  I was engaged in many different elements of transport work including transport policy, traffic management, road safety, traffic control and surveillance, transport planning, and intelligent transport, etc.

I was sponsored by my employer (the then Hong Kong Government) to attend the MSc Transport Planning and Engineering at ITS. Upon completion of the programme, I continued to work in the government until retirement.

As an international student, the advice I would give to ITS international students who are seeking work in the transport sector is to interact more with students in different countries. Appreciate the cultural differences of people and their ideas in transport.