Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Nilson Tadeu Ramos Nunes

Country: Brazil

Name: Nilson Tadeu Ramos Nunes

Company: University of Minas Gerais

Position: Head of Transportation + Geotechnics

ITS Course: PhD 1990-1995

Currently I'm a Senior Lecturer at the Civil Engineering Course and serving as the Head of the Department of Transportation and Geotechnics.

My main activities here include classes of transport subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Civil Engineering and also for students at the School of Architecture which includes some of the following topics:

  • Classes of urban subject for postgraduate students at the School of Architecture
  • Research on urban mobility and urban logistics
  • Research on logistics
  • Consultancy for Government Institutions
  • Consultancy for private sectors

My experience at ITS has helped me to better understand transport matters as well as made me able to communicate better on a worldwide level. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to participate as a member of different study groups and to also progress in my career.

I chose my course at ITS and Leeds University first of all because I was able to communicate in English, in addition to the information I had about the ITS performance and research lines and secondly, because I was intending to experience the British way of life.

If I could offer any advice to new students looking to graduate from ITS at Leeds I would say that it's definitely worthwhile attending an ITS course. Besides it is a unique experience - a once in a lifetime.