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ITS international student night 2 Feb 2017 – alumni welcome

The second International Night of the academic year will take place on Thursday 2nd February from 17:00 onwards in the new ITS Foyer.  Some of you may remember the format; staff and students are invited to attend, and bring a dish which is typical in your home town, country or county.  You may also consider attending in traditional clothing too! 

Alumni are welcome to attend for as much of the event as you would like to, appearing at any point in the evening, with or without your traditional clothing or food. This is another great opportunity to informally engage with some of our current students since the induction week event last September. 

Please note: If you would like to make a dish, please note that you will only be able to heat food using the two microwaves at ITS, so unless you intend to bring in food which can be eaten raw, any dish you do bring in, will need to have already been cooked at home. 

Places are limited and to confirm your attendance simply email your contact details to info(at) no later than Tuesday 31 Jan.

A Big Get Together in Toronto, Saturday 12 September 2015

Hilary Holden (MSc Transport Planning 1999) organised brunch followed by a stroll in Toronto High Park as part of the Big Get Together. This was the first ever University of Leeds initiative that took place across 32 countries with alumni around the world organising more than 50 events, ranging from formal dinners to city bike rides. Hilary’s event in Toronto was attended by about 25 people with some travelling from as far as Montreal. The event was a great success and the Big Get Together will return in September 2016. To register your interest visit

Pelle Envalle
Staff and students at ITS BBQ

ITS Summer BBQ July 2015

ITS welcomed alumnus speaker Pelle Envalle to their annual summer BBQ event held on the ITS front lawn for the last time before the new extensive building works commenced. Pelle graduated from ITS with a PhD in Transport Studies in 2007. As part of his collaborative academic visit hosted by Prof Greg Marsden, Pelle gave a keynote presentation to an audience of current ITS Masters students, PhD students as well as our staff.

If you are interested in addressing an audience of around 100 staff and students giving an overview of where your career has taken you since graduating from ITS we would love to hear from you, please email us.

ITS visit China, May 2015

Samantha Jamson attended the final TECHNO project meeting, hosted by Sichuan University in Chengdu. TECHNO was funded under the Erasmus Mundus program and supported masters and PhD from SE Asia in their quest to study a range of disciplines at European Universities. Over the past three years, ITS was allocated funding under this scheme to welcome 5 Masters Students and 2 PhD students from China, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos. The TECHNO project prided itself on its alumni relations, as an example Carrie Fu studied at ITS in 2013, and further extends the reach of ITS’ world-class teaching and scholarship.

ITS visit Japan, March 2015

Dr Richard Connors was invited to visit Japan by JSPS as a continuation of their “Frontiers of Science” programme, hosted by Professor Takamasa Iryo at Kobe University. The development of new research collaboration was discussed, centred on the influence of network topology on the efficiency and vulnerability of transport systems. Dr Connors also gave research seminars at the Universities of Kyoto, Tohoku and Tokyo and had research meetings with colleagues from several other universities from across Japan. This included meetings with Associate Prof Yasuhiro Shiomi [Ritsumekan University, Kyoto] and Associate Prof Nishiuchi [Nagaoka University of Technology] who plan to visit the UK in September, to discuss the implementation of ATM in the UK versus Japan and develop research links with ITS-Leeds and UK practitioners. A research student of Prof Shiomi also now plans to come to ITS for an internship in October 2015.

ITS alumni meet in Istanbul February 2015

Professor Tony May and current PhD student Segun Aluko attended the 16th CODATU conference at the Istanbul Technical University in February.  CODATU is a French-led international organisation which brings together researchers, commercial enterprises and cities themselves to focus on transport in developing country cities.  ITS joined CODATU in 2014, and Tony May has been appointed a Vice President.  He and Leeds alumnus Professor Ali Huzayyin jointly chair CODATU’s permanent scientific and technical committee.

The conference provided an opportunity to meet up with some of our alumni and friends over dinner, including Ozcan Aslan (MSc Eng, Transport Planning and Engineering 2012), Sanjay Gupta (visiting Professor at ITS and Professor of Transport Planning and Head CASS/GIS Centre at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi),  Bernard Gyergay (BSc Geography with Transport Planning, 1997) and Sittha Jaensirisak (PhD, 2002).  We were also delighted to host Emeritus Professor Yucel Candemir of Istanbul Technical University, who hosted the 10th World Conference on Transport Research in 2004, and has worked closely with ITS since in our contributions to WCTRS. 

Discussion over dinner ranged widely, and included an emphasis on transit oriented development and inclusive mobility for the urban poor in developing country cities and the need to improve the efficiency of interurban and international rail freight.  Those present had fond memories of their time at ITS and commented in particular on the personal support which they had received during their time in Leeds.

If you are attending a conference and would like to know if any of our staff will be there so you can meet with them please contact

ITS Alumni meet in Hong Kong December 2014

Professor Simon Shepherd and Dr Ronghui Liu attended the 19th International Conference of Hong Kong Society For Transportation Studies in December and met up with some of our alumni for dinner, including Mr. Chun Lam Yau, Maurice Yip, Patrick Lam, Justine Cheung, Hung Wing-tat Hung, Guoqing Zhang, Sumet Ongkittikul, Carrie Fu, Simon Rogerson and Dr Agachai Sumalee. Agachai is now Professor and Associated Professor and Director of the Smart City Research Centre, Thailand, who has developed a new kind of modelling that allows highway managers to predict traffic conditions and prevent congestion. 

William Lam hosted a social tour as part of the conference that included a visit to one of the top ten seafood restaurants in China.

Simon attended an editorial board meeting for transportmetrica where prof Dave Watling, Prof Simon Shepherd and Dong Ngo  were some of top downloaded authors in 2013 and 2014.

Ronghui met with Maosheng Lee from Central South University who visited ITS in 2009 to work with Prof Dave Watling.

Simon also took the opportunity to meet with Prof Teng, Head of Research Institute for sustainable urban development following a workshop at HK Polytechnic University on activity modelling.

ITS Summer BBQ, June 2014

For the first time ITS welcomed an alumnus speaker to their annual BBQ summer event held on the ITS front lawn. There was everything you could have wanted from an English BBQ summer event, sunshine, food, drinks, music, games, a smoothie powered bicycle (keeping with the transport theme) and a keynote presentation from Juan de Dios Ortuzar who graduated from ITS with an MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering 1973-1974 and a PhD 1977-1980. We hope to see more alumni at our annual BBQ in years to come.

If you are interested in addressing an audience of around 100 staff and students giving an overview of where your career has taken you since graduating from ITS we would love to hear from you, please email us.


Photos from the 2014 BBQ are available in our Facebook albums.

Ghana Association event

Friday 24th January 6.00pm – 8.30pm, Alisa Hotel Volta Hall, North Ridge Accra

Leeds University Alumni Association Ghana, in collaboration with the University of Leeds International Office.

At the event new officers for the Association will be elected and DeGraft Afful, a specialist in alternative medicine will give a short talk about alternative medicine. For more information, please click here

ITS @WCTR, Brazil – Alumni and Friends, July 2013

ITS hosted a lively evening of presentations and networking at the WCTR Conference, held in Rio de Janeiro.

The evening began with a short history of ITS from Tony May, followed by a talk from Helena Cybis who graduated from ITS with an MSc in Transport Planning  (1989) and PhD  (1993). Helena has since gone on to become Director and President of ANPET, the Brazilian Association for Transport Training and Research. Greg Marsden completed the short presentations with his own reflections on research highlights, current initiatives, scholarship opportunities through Science without Borders,  as well as an update on the latest news from ITS staff.

Despite a packed conference schedule, the event proved highly popular with WCTR delegates, with the room quickly full to capacity.   Many friends of ITS spanning years of partnership attended; guests from Australia, Austria, Chile, China, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, New Zealand, and USA  enjoyed lively conversation over canapés and cocktails. It was a particular pleasure for ITS staff to meet up again with those who graduated from ITS years or decades ago; those alumni present included  Leksmono Suryo Puytranto from the Tarumanagara University Jakarta, John Preston from the University of Southampton, Jonathan Gomez-Vilchez from KIT, Germany, John Dinwoodie from the University of Plymouth, and Fumio Kurosaki from the Institute of Transportation Economics, Japan. Fumio reported how pleased he had been to make contact with fellow Tokyo-based alumni, Michael Chadney, via our alumni webpages.

We look forward to catching up with more of our alumni at our next event and destination -  planning is underway but please join our LinkedIn group to receive regular updates.

Photos are available at the top of this page.

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International Alumni event London 23 November 2012

A major gathering of ITS alumni took place last month, as former students gathered in London to reflect on the transport successes of the London 2012 Olympic games.

More than 50 alumni joined ITS staff at the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster, a venue previously chosen by the Mayor of London to house the London Media Centre for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to  hear presentations, network and catch up with former classmates.  Professor Greg Marsden began by welcoming the  audience, which spanned the decades - from graduates of the early 1970’s to the class of 2012, and gave an overview of the diverse range of activities which ITS is currently engaged with.         

Dr Kevin Austin, Head of Transport at the London Mayoral Office (ITS class of 1991) delivered the keynote on the London Olympics, highlighting how the country was transformed physically and emotionally by planning and hosting the games.

Chris Rooney, Director & Business Leader Transport Consulting South at Arup, followed with a presentation on Planning & Designing for Legacy and what the transformation of the capital city will leave behind for future generations.   Arup and other organisations represented in the audience played key roles in planning, modelling and delivering transport solutions at the games.  Chris was also representing the strategic partnership between Arup and the University of Leeds.

A lively session of Q&A followed the presentations, with the expert audience particularly keen to discuss the transport legacy of the games in terms of future approaches to planning and travel behaviour.  Discussions continued over drinks and canapés after the presentations.

Photos and videos are available here.