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ITS international student night 2 Feb 2017 – alumni welcome

The second International Night of the academic year will take place on Thursday 2nd February from 17:00 onwards in the new ITS Foyer.  Some of you may remember the format; staff and students are invited to attend, and bring a dish which is typical in your home town, country or county.  You may also consider attending in traditional clothing too! 

Alumni are welcome to attend for as much of the event as you would like to, appearing at any point in the evening, with or without your traditional clothing or food. This is another great opportunity to informally engage with some of our current students since the induction week event last September. 

Please note: If you would like to make a dish, please note that you will only be able to heat food using the two microwaves at ITS, so unless you intend to bring in food which can be eaten raw, any dish you do bring in, will need to have already been cooked at home. 

Places are limited and to confirm your attendance simply email your contact details to info(at) no later than Tuesday 31 Jan.

Previous ITS international student night

ITS Leeds alumni event, 21 September 2016

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the first networking event in Leeds that welcomed our new cohort of students to ITS, and welcome back some of our local alumni. It was a great opportunity for alumni to catch up with old friends and ITS staff, and it was not long before new connections were made. The evening started with live music from the ITS house band, Supertram, followed by a keynote speech from recent alumnus Alex Ryan who graduated last year with an MSc in Transport Planning and Sustainability. Following the employers’ visits to ITS he now works for AECOM in Manchester. Alex provided our new students with an insight into his experiences and fond memories of his time at ITS. One of his main messages was … “try everything, even if you don’t like it you can only benefit from giving it a go”. He encouraged everyone to get involved with as many ITS activities as possible and highlighted that ITS was the perfect place to befriend people from all over the world with a variety of interests and backgrounds. With over 60 new students and more than 20 alumni from Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bradford and Chile this was certainly a fun evening and we look forward to hosting more again in the future.

Leeds University worldwide alumni events, September 2016

In September, The University of Leeds united over 1,000 alumni as part of the Big Get Together as they celebrated their connection to Leeds worldwide. Five of these worldwide events were hosted by ITS alumni in Ghana, Uganda, UK, Bangladesh and Vietnam. For more on this event and how you can get involved with The Big Get Together in 2017 click here.

WCTR alumni and friends of ITS, Shanghai, July 2016

There was a particular room at the WCTR conference that was filled with transport professionals all connected with ITS, one way or another. There were international Alumni, a healthy representation of ITS staff and PhD students, and academic visitors alike, all attending an networking event catching up with old friends and making new connections. It is often the case at such international conferences of this scale that people meet so briefly, so it’s important to sometimes stop and properly talk to people who might share your interests, memories or be looking for an academic collaborator.

Our global alumni community reaches far and wide and it was excellent to see Fumio Kurosaki (Japan) and John Dinwoodie (UK) again as well as meeting Sittha Jaensirisak (Thailand) for the first time, in addition to a recent cohort of graduates from China including one of our keynote speakers of the evening Jialiang Guo, alongside Xinghua Zhang, Dayuan Xu, Guoqing Zhang, Bing Li, Jiajun Zhou, Yifan Wang, Xiaojun Shao and Xue Ding. Furthermore, an old friendship was reunited when Alvaro Guzman (Ecuador) joined his old classmate Jonathan Gomez Vilchez (Germany) for the first time since they both graduated in 2010.

It was a wonderful event with some really encouraging feedback that our alumni community do appreciate our engagement with them as they feel proud to be part of a global network that keeps in contact with them no matter where they are in the world. Having the opportunity to meet up again at occasions like this reminds them that they have not been forgotten. We look forward to more events with more of our alumni as the global network continues to grow. For more details on how you can get involved as an active alumni please email info(at)

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