Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Japan country profile

By Michael Chadney, MSc Transportation Planning (2005)

Michael Chadney

In my current role I am based in Tokyo as a Senior Consultant for PADECO, where I specialize in urban transport solutions. PADECO is an international development consulting company with headquarters in Tokyo. It is one of the leading internationally recognized consulting firms in Japan. Its core business is transport planning with wider capabilities in rail, urban planning, infrastructure, environment and energy.

Japan's transport system is world renowned, providing many best practices examples in high speed rail, efficient and reliable public transport, integrated ticketing and innovative cycle parking. In fact Japan is home to the world's busiest train route - between Tokyo and Osaka, where the Japanese (shinkansen) bullet trains transport approximately 120,000 passengers per day. Japan is also home to nearly all of the world's top 50 busiest railway stations, with Tokyo's Shinjuku station the world’s busiest in terms of throughput, with an average of 3.5 million passing through its doors every day.

Japan is a fascinating and exhilarating place to work with a unique and complex cultural value system. More widely, ITS graduates can bring a lot of value to the field of international development in which I work, including a strong set of technical and communication skills and best practice case studies from the UK - which are held in very high regard.