Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Greece Country Profile

By Xenophon – Spyros Lourantos, MSc Transportation Management and Engineering (1978)

Xenophon – Spyros Lourantos

I am currently the General Manager of a major industrial manufacturer, distributor/wholesaler operation in Greece, with a turnover of €145 million and employing 165 people.

I believe one of the key transport challenges in Greece at the moment is the inexistence of a rail system, the lack of highways / motorways, lack of bypasses in many major towns, public transport that is inefficient and not in any way integrated.

There are however major transport initiatives underway that include

  • Improving the railways
  • Privatising the highways / motorways
  • Integrating the Public Transport system
  • Privatising Airports  

My biggest achievement so far in this country is that as I concentrated more in the Management – Organisational and Financing parts, I have participated in organising the Public Sector to work and collaborate with the Private Sector.

I feel that skills graduates from ITS can bring to the country would be unlimited and to all sectors of the economy and the “restructuring of the country”.

For people considering a job in this country I would say there are a lot of opportunities, but for the next 3 to 5 years the situation will be difficult and in constant change.

One of the most interesting fact about Greece is that it is going through  a major "restructuring" and "remodeling" process of the whole country with the transport and engineering sectors in particular.