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The University of Leeds is committed to creating a sustainable environment in which to work and learn.  At the Institute for Transport Studies a number of our academics research in this area, increasing our knowledge on how to live more sustainably. Our research pages give an insight in to the work carried out at the institute. For example the Sustainable Transport Policy group focus on sustainability in all areas of transport including government policy. Many of our research themes have sustainability at their core.

For students there are five masters courses recruiting at the institute, and a number of our modules focus on sustainability.  We have strong links with the School of Earth and Environment in our MSc Sustainability in Transport programme, where students study modules at both schools and go on to gain employment in this area.

Our Environmental Policy

We have worked hard to gain a Green Impact award annually over the last four years and have achieved the gold award.

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This is an environmental accreditation scheme run by the NUS with the aim of changing behaviours and policies within institutions. It covers the following areas:



Any catering we purchase meets the Green Impact criteria including a minimum welfare standard for animals, locally sourced produce and sustainably sourced fish.

Waste and Recycling

Hands and the Earth

We recycle the vast majority of our waste.  Large unwanted items such as desks or chairs are advertised on the university reuse site before being sent to an off campus charity for recycling.  In addition, if any new items are wanted, we consult the reuse website before any purchases are made. In-house we also recycle stationery between leavers and newcomers and thus reduce the quantity of new purchased items.



To reduce the carbon footprint of business travel, our staff are encouraged to hold virtual meetings whenever possible and to schedule out-of-town meetings in such a way that travel is minimised. By far the most sustainable way to travel long distances is by train. ITS staff are aware of the benefits of train travel versus air travel and encouraged to make rail their first travel option. A large number of our staff commute to work by sustainable means and we own a velocampus bike available for hire without charge.



The ITS Green Team continually work on making the grounds around our building more attractive to wildlife.  We have introduced a bird feeding station on the front lawn and have built a bug hotel at the back of the building.  We have taken part in the campuswide crocus plant each autumn which has helped to increase the number of early pollinating flowers on campus thus supporting more bees and butterflies.

Conserving our resources

Easter eggs
  • We operate a holiday shutdown system at Easter and Christmas
  • We encourage staff and students to close windows and turn off lights and computers when the day’s work is done
  • We reduce paper printing by sharing documents electronically
  • We avoid the use of plastic cups by having a kitchen stock of glasses and crockery
  • Our water coolers are mains-fed.

Useful Documents


In order to increase awareness of vegetarian cooking, ITS held a Vegucation Food Event, where staff and students could find try all of the delicious recipes in this booklet, as well as find out more about #meatless Mondays, and where to source fresh local produce.  

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