Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Vision, mission and values

Underpinning the Institute's commitment to being an effective organisation is having and communicating a clear vision, mission and set of values.

Vision statement - the Institute's vision is "to be recognised as the world leader in transport-related teaching and research."

Mission statement - the Institute's mission is "to advance the understanding of transport activity, operations and use and to develop skills and best practice among transport professionals and decision-makers."

Values statement - the Institute believes that its values are core to the continuation of its success and that being a member of ITS means we should:

  • encourage innovation and creativity;
  • strive to achieve excellence in all our activities;
  • respect and support each other, be responsive to individual needs and aspirations;
  • be willing to share knowledge and learn from each other;
  • expect to be treated fairly and conduct all activity with integrity;
  • have a collective responsibility for ITS' future success;
  • be transparent in our decision making, consulting widely as appropriate and encouraging staff involvement at all levels.