Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Talk to a student with Link to Leeds

Link to Leeds offers a fantastic opportunity to talk to some of our current students and find out what it is like to study here.

The scheme is open to anyone who is thinking about applying to Leeds and students who have received an offer. It is a chance to learn about the lives of current Leeds students directly, including students studying within the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS).

There are three ambassadors from ITS:

Anderson Etika, PhD, Transport Studies

Jaime Augusto Gomez Diaz, MSc(Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering

Abhinav Ninawe, MSc(Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering

You can speak to the students via Link to Leeds live chats and other online events. The main upcoming events are:

14 February: Meet our ambassadors

28 February: Studying at Leeds

14 March: Campus and city

28 March: Student support

11 April: Student opportunities

25 April: Accommodation 

9 May: Student life at Leeds

You can also talk to a student via email and instant messaging. You can also follow Link to Leeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our team of Link to Leeds ambassadors are here to share their experiences and answer all your questions, all you need to do is choose which ambassador you want to contact. View our ambassador profiles.

Further information

Find out more about the Link to Leeds ambassador scheme, view the Link to Leeds website.

Please note that Link to Leeds ambassadors are not able to answer questions about your offer or visa requirements. For questions about your offer please refer to the contact details given on your offer letter. For questions about visa requirements please contact our immigration advisers on internationalstudents(at)