Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Investors in People

ITS’ Investors in People status has been re-confirmed, following an assessment visit in April 2016 which included interviews with a cross-section of the Institute's staff.

Commenting on these confidential interviews, the IiP External Assessor said: 

“the staff at ITS appreciate and value many of the positive people practices in place in the organisation….and are incredibly committed to continuing the high standards and great reputation that the Institute holds”.

ITS was the first academic department of the University of Leeds to achieve Investors in People (IiP) status, in 2004. IiP recognition was re-confirmed in 2007, 2010 and 2013.

In what is unquestionably a challenging and uncertain time for higher education and public spending, this outcome confirms that the collective ethos of ITS continues to provide the bedrock for academic success. IiP is a nationally and internationally recognised standard, and the achievement reflects the Institute’s status as a model of good practice for developing staff and managing change. IiP provides external recognition that ITS has a long-standing culture of valuing people and their contribution to the continued success of the entire organisation.

The IiP process involves the detailed assessment of a number of key elements, including strategy, leadership, communication, learning, development and change management. Staff feedback is an integral part of the process and here are just a few comments from members of ITS: 

“The diversity of the expertise here is amazing: it's great to be a part of that”.

“The best thing has to be the people and the ideas – there are some really inspiring people and opportunities”.

“People are proud to be here, there’s a strong identity and people identify themselves with it which makes a great culture”.

The feedback also highlighted areas for development and with that in mind the Institute will continue to enhance its mentoring scheme - whereby members of staff can benefit from the experience of fellow academics with more experience in the area, such as project generation and publication. 

Vision, mission and values

Underpinning the Institute's commitment to being an effective organisation is having and communicating a clear vision, mission and set of values.

Vision statement - the Institute's vision is "to be recognised as the world leader in transport-related teaching and research."

Mission statement - the Institute's mission is "to advance the understanding of transport activity, operations and use and to develop skills and best practice among transport professionals and decision-makers."

Values statement - the Institute believes that its values are core to the continuation of its success and that being a member of ITS means we should:

  • encourage innovation and creativity;
  • strive to achieve excellence in all our activities;
  • respect and support each other, be responsive to individual needs and aspirations;
  • be willing to share knowledge and learn from each other;
  • expect to be treated fairly and conduct all activity with integrity;
  • have a collective responsibility for ITS' future success;
  • be transparent in our decision making, consulting widely as appropriate and encouraging staff involvement at all levels.